Hello World!

My name is Jonathan Bishop. I am an Internet addiction expert and also a gamification expert. I am editor of the book, ‘Gamification for Human Factors Integration: Social, Educational and Psychological Issues.’

Video games have always been a big part of my life, and dominated my teenage years. I owned nearly every Atari and Sega console on the market. Much of my time now is spent on the theoretical and innovative development sides of things, using the experience from my teens with the education I got from my four degrees.

Related to video games is my interest in Internet Addiction. I do not accept that one can be addicted to the Internet, which I see as an environment. However, I use the term as it has become used to describe problematic Internet use where persons who use the Internet and video games do so compulsively in a dependable manner. I prefer terms like ‘gaming addiction’ because it refers to the stimulus that supports the compulsive behaviour rather than the environment it is manifested within.